Junior Finance Analyst. A Finance Enthusiast. Obsessed with Personal Development. Writer in progress. On a beautiful journey of Self Love

My dad gave me this beautiful name

Photo by Author

When I was a kid, I hate my name because it’s weird. People often spell it incorrectly and I get mad. When people ask my name, the conversation goes like this, “What’s your name?” “Azja Delana” “How to pronounce that? How to spell that?” “A-z-j-a, azja”. And still, some people…

We can’t always wait for motivation

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

What we do on daily basis determined how successful we will be. Human is a creature of habit. Studies by neurologists, cognitive psychologists, and others indicate that from 40 to 95 percent of human behavior — how we think, what we say, and our overall actions — falls into the…

Azja Delana

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