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Junior Finance Analyst. A Finance Enthusiast. Obsessed with Personal Development. Writer in progress. On a beautiful journey of Self Love

Hear me out.

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“Women should be financially independent. It doesn’t matter who your father is, doesn’t matter who your husband is gonna be, doesn't matter who your brother is, doesn’t matter who the man in your life is. You need to be responsible for your finances and be financially independent.” ~ Priyanka Chopra

In the midst of scrolling TikTok, I came across Priyanka’s speech at Beautycon LA 2019. It inspires me to write this article. I totally agree with Priyanka that women should be financially independent.

Being a financially independent woman means that she has her own income and can manage her financial…

A key takeaway from Morgan Housel’s “The Psychology of Money”

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Last week, I read The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel and I loved it. There are a lot of key takeaways from the book but I just want to share one; wealth is what you don’t see.

I’m young and frankly, I also have this urge to show off every expensive thing that I buy. It’s hard being in this era where we are so connected with each other. We can easily see each other’s lives. Instagram, is like a competition of who has the better life. …

They certainly don’t know how it feels to be poor

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People that said money can’t give happiness certainly don’t know how it feels to be poor. I read an article written by Desiree Peralta, the rich people are happier than the poor; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and it gives me the inspiration to write this article. You can read her article first before you read mine.

I agree with her when she states in the article that poor people are also not immune to mental illnesses. People always relate having depression with being rich but living in poverty also can cause depression.

I laugh whenever people said that…

More men than women die by committing suicide. Why?

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Last week, I was devastated hearing the news that a guy committed suicide by jumping from a tall building. He was 42 and a lawyer. We lost another one to suicide and I know there were more.

People took videos of him and share them on Facebook. I don’t understand why people want to share it publicly. It’s just so heartbreaking. What will his family felt watching that? Where is common sense?

Apart from that, what makes me mad was the comments — the stupid and ignorant comments. …

Don’t let people’s actions towards you determine your worth

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I received a phone call from my friend last week. She cried. She told me that her boyfriend cheated on her. I listened attentively when she expressed her feelings. I know she loves this man so much.

“What is wrong with me, Ja? I have done so much for him. What is it that I don’t have?”. I was sad when I heard that question coming from her mouth.

I believe there are many people out there who experienced the same thing including me. I have been in this situation before where I questioned my worth a lot. …

Maybe, our journey right now is not about love and being in a relationship

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“He is already in a new relationship, when is your turn?” “Are you okay with being alone?” “Are you truly happy without a boyfriend or are you just pretending?” “I think it’s time for you to get married, most of your friends are married”

I’m sick of the questions. I’m single and I’m happy. Again, I decide to be single and I couldn’t be happier for it. I live in a society with the mindset that you must get married by 25. Later than that, you will be called an old lady. …

He is not just a boss, he is a leader

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Today, in my regular weekly meeting with my boss — after we finish discussing our works, he asks how am I? How do I feel in this current situation? He knows that I’m alone in this city working far away from home and it’s been months since I saw my family.

It’s true. My mental health is been deteriorating these past few weeks and I couldn’t focus much on my work. It’s been hard for me these days even to get up from my bed but I still get up and do the work. …

It was such a painful experience

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It’s been said that we fall in love with three types of people in our lifetime. One, the first love — happened when we were young. Second, the hard love — this one is painful but it teaches us lessons. The last one, this love comes blindly — unexpected and beautiful.

I had the first two and hopefully, I get to experience the third one. If I ever am in a relationship again, I would do things differently. My last heartbreak was painful but it teaches me a lot.

This is so painful to…

I just feel like sharing it with all of you

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It’s been a while, Medium. I just feel like writing today. I’ve been busy with my works these past few months. I have to research companies outside of my country. My workloads increasing but I guess I’m okay with it because I love what I do.

I overdo my exercises and my knees were hurting for weeks. I was having trouble going up and down the stairs. I stop doing my workout routine for a month now. I don’t know whether I can achieve my abs goal this year. …

You can break something in two seconds. But it can take forever to fix it.

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“You think killing is hard? Try healing. You can break something in two seconds. But it can take forever to fix it”. Beatrice at Dinner

This is the dialogue and a great scene by Salma Hayek from “Beatriz at Dinner” movie. I don’t watch the movie. I scrolled Tik Tok and come across the scene and it resonates with me.

Today is the day that I lose it. I’m having a major breakdown in the middle of working. I cried and I still cry writing this now. I thought I’m fully healed. For months, I feel motivated with my life…

Azja Delana

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